Friday, November 14, 2008

I have been meaning to start something like this for quite a while now, as my way of helping to spread the truth and as a way of "giving back" to Satan and the Gods what they have given to me.

My life has changed completely since turning to Spiritual Satanism, and I have learnt so much about so many things, including myself. It's not easy being a Satanist surounded by christianity and it's influences, it's not easy living in a world that has been shaped by it and all of it's lies and atrocities.

But now is the time that the world is going to start seeing the truth. A lie will always be exposed in the end, and the truth will be revealed.

Satan is not and was never "evil". Nor was Satan ever an "angel". Satan was always a God. A God many thousands of years before the coming of christianity, the most important God in the ancinet world. As opposed to what many people say about Satanism being a "reaction" to christianity, christianity was actually a reaction to Satanism. Satanism being the original, Pagan, religion of the world.